As one of Northamptonshire’s leading Managed IT Service Providers, protecting our customers against the latest virus threats is an ongoing and important part of our service, however the recent developments in relation to Coronavirus presents a different and unique challenge for all businesses, including our own.

In light of the latest developments, we wanted to communicate to all our customers and contacts to make you aware of our own preparations as a trusted outsourced IT Support provider, but also to provide you with some guidance for your own preparations from a Business Continuity perspective. As we have seen with the lockdown in Italy in the last few days, the possibility of similar UK wide quarantine measures being put in place remains a very real threat to businesses, with schools being closed and companies urged to force staff to stay at home for an extended period of time.

Our Preparations

As an organisation we are already able to operate from any location. We also have in operation a robust and tested Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan which includes scenarios such as the one being presented with Coronavirus. The plan allows for all staff to work from home, maintaining our ability to respond to telephone or remote support requests, whilst also providing our technical specialists access to all tools used to deliver our services. Technical support will remain accessible in the usual way.

Depending on the advice provided by the relevant government departments, we may need to execute our Business Continuity plan at any time. Should this be the case we fully anticipate that all of our remote support services can be maintained, however it is likely that our ability to provide on-site support would be restricted.

We continue to monitor the situation and are ready to react accordingly

Your Own Preparations

While we are not able to assist our customers with Business Continuity planning in relation to their core operations (such as manufacturing for example) we are able to provide some guidance for businesses with staff who may need to self-isolate.

If your business operates using our Hosted Desktop (MyCloud) infrastructure, your service is already accessible to all staff from any location at any time. Should members of your staff need to self-isolate, provided that they have a desktop/laptop/tablet at home connected to the internet, they are able to operate as they would normally do whilst at the office.

If you are a customer with your own infrastructure located on site, you may already have the ability to access some systems remotely. Our advice is to consider what systems are critical to your business operation, and if they are currently accessible from alternative locations should that be necessary. If any shortfalls are identified, modifications can be made to your infrastructure to fully support remote access to key systems. Please make us aware of any concerns as soon as possible, so we can help you prepare your business for all potential scenarios.