On Tuesday 2nd February, BT Broadband suffered a UK wide outage to their network, leaving the majority of their business customers without an Internet connection for several hours. We proactively contacted all of our customers using BT Broadband to advise them of the problem straight away, but with little or no information coming from BT initially, customers were left without business critical connections to the outside world for some time, with no idea as to when the issue may be resolved.

Not having access to emails, social media, and the Internet in general has a significant impact on most businesses ability to function normally. However there are simple and cost effective measures that can be taken to decrease or completely eliminate the possibility of losing connection to the outside world, ensuring your business remains connected whatever the issue.

Many of our customers are already benefitting from this technology, which ensured that despite the issues with BT Broadband, they remained connected to the outside world.

Does your IT Company do that?

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