Improving performance & reliability with a Managed Service

About the client:

The Holiday Inn is a hotel situated in the midlands and part of the Intercontinental Hotels Group franchise.

The hotel is managed by an allocated property management company and must comply with a high level of standards laid down by the IHG in order to use the Holiday Inn franchise brand.

The Problem:

The hotels IT system was suffering from instability, with an ageing system and an existing provider that did not listen to the business needs or requirements.

They needed a trusted partner to listen, transition and and transform their IT environment with solutions that were right for them.


BlueMoon Solutions were approached to review the Holiday Inn’s current IT infrastructure and support arrangements. They found that the previous management company had initiated a transformation of existing systems and services but that the solutions put forward where incompatible with the hotel’s structure and operations.

As a result services were spread across onsite ageing infrastructure and was becoming unreliable. Also several cloud based services were spread across multiple providers with no alignment between the back end and front end systems.

The hotel back office staff were operating at a 50% reduced speed and were extremely frustrated with the IT services in general within the hotel.

Thus the challenge was to transition the support away from the previous management company IT smoothly with minimal disruption and then set up an effective transformation plan.



BlueMoon Solutions took on the responsibility by providing a fully managed service to the hotel. The issues were now their responsibility to manage and rectify.

A detailed audit of systems and services was undertaken as well as consultation with the key users within the front desk and back office. Their feedback was used to better understand their business issues and ensure an appropriate solution was applied.

After the audit findings were presented and the suggested 3 phase project was given the go ahead. Phase 1 focused on the initial transition of support to BlueMoon Solutions while pulling back some of the offsite services which had been outsourced.

Phase 1 was a success and although there was a continued fire-fight of issues as a result of historic complex configuration and ageing systems although these incidents raised were resolved well within the agreed service levels.

Phase 2 was approved 5 months later. This included a full refresh of backend infrastructure and desktops. Virtualisation technologies were implemented allowing key services to be kept onsite but also reducing complexity, management and costs. Key principles were implemented using Group Policy to keep it simple to use fo

Key Benefits:

·        Stability and scalability

·        Fully managed service with a single number for our IT needs

·        Expert knowledge and Professionalism

r users, reduce incidents and keep the management of the environment simple.

Phase 3 encompassed an upgrade of the core backoffice and Point of Sale service, Opera and MaitreD.



The General Manager, Bruce Rowell, was delighted BlueMoon Solutions’ professionalism and said:

“We knew we were in a mess but did not quite know how much of a mess until it was fully explained to us.

The hotel just operates so smoothly now with little things like different trays on the front desk so front desk staff can print out reservation cards without having to change paper. Everything is so much more stable like Opera & our Guest WiFi service which our guests love”.

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