On my last post I made you aware of important changes coming into effect for all Employers. (Automatic Enrolment). I also mentioned that BlueMoon Solutions is working closely with Sage, as a Sage Partner, to ensure we have the required skills and knowledge to advise our customers of these important changes.

Sage has once again pulled out all the stops to ensure that their Payroll application and services are all in line with the latest and upcoming legislation as well as ensuring that Payroll processing remains easy and efficient.

“The Quick Sales Part”

So not wanting to turn this into a sales blog I shall get the sales part out of the way first.

Purchasing or upgrading to the new Sage 50 Payroll is a huge recommendation of BlueMoon Solutions. With all the RTI Compliant features embedded into the core of the application and with the new Pensions Module it completely takes the stress out of Automatic Enrolment. It is also worth considering that BlueMoon Solutions offer considerable discount on the Sage RRP prices for new and existing customers.

Before I list some of the key benefits of either purchasing or upgrading to the latest version of Sage 50 Payroll and purchasing the additional AE Pension Module why not check what options are available in order to get the benefits of Sage 50 Payroll 2014

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[slide name=”You do not currently use Sage Payroll”]

Do nothing – If you are happy paying the outsourcing costs or your existing Payroll program handles your RTI and the new Automatic Enrolment requirements.

Purchase the new Sage 50 Payroll 2014 “Auto Enrolment Edition” along with the additional AE Pension Module. Why – See the benefits table below.[/slide]

[slide name=”You currently use Sage Instant Payroll”]

The AE Pensions Module is not currently compatible with Sage Instant Payroll but before you jump straight for the upgrade to Sage 50 Payroll check your Enrolment Date. If it is a long way away then you could continue to run on Instant Payroll and then closer to your enrolment date, check to see if Sage has made the AE Module compatible with the Instant range. If not you could then upgrade to Sage 50 Payroll.[/slide]

[slide name=”You currently use Sage 50 Payroll and have Sage Cover Standard”]

With Sage Cover Standard, although you are entitled to Sage Support and legislation updates to the software there is no entitlement for version upgrades

You will need to upgrade to the latest Sage 50 Payroll 2014 “Auto Enrolment Edition” along with the additional AE Pension Module. Why – See the benefits table below.[/slide]

[slide name=”You currently use Sage 50 Payroll and have Sage Cover Extra”]

With Sage Cover Extra you are entitled to annual version upgrades as well as the Sage Support and legislation updates to the software provided with Sage Cover Standard.

In order to get all the full benefits you could purchase the additional AE Pension Module to accompany the Sage 50 Payroll 2014 software. Why – See the benefits table below.[/slide]



New Features & Benefits of Sage 50 Payroll 2014

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[slide name=”Pensions Centre”]

The Pension Centre is an option in Sage 50 Payroll 2014 that provides a single place to ensure you’re ready for Automatic Enrolment.

Enter your staging date into the Pensions Centre and create your personalised Action Plan based on The Pensions Regulator’s best practice and Sage Research to help you get prepared and stay on track.

Set up your Pensions quickly and easily with Fast Track Pensions; with direct access to leading Pension Providers such as NEST and NOW Pensions from your product.

Understand the cost of Automatic Enrolment on your business by calculating the contributions and trying scenarios.

Create reminders to keep everyone up to date with what needs to be done and export to Outlook, iCal and other calendars

Access all of the Automatic Enrolment information you need in the best format for you; using “show me how”, get to grips with the jargon with quick audio clips and learn from video clips as you work.

Keep track of your Automatic Enrolment preparation progress, showing you where you’re up to and what needs to be completed[/slide]

[slide name=”HMRC Reconciliation”]

HMRC reconciliation quickly provides all the information you need to answer your payroll queries on data and values sent to HMRC quickly, effectively and without stress.

Always have all of your HMRC information to hand with a quick view of all your previous submissions.

Easily tailor your RTI reports to give you exactly the information you need, report by submission and individual employee to save you time.

Quickly access all of your RTI related reports in one place.[/slide]

[slide name=”Sage Business Continuity”]

Access to exclusive online business and Payroll advise 24/7 from directly within Sage 50 Payroll

Connect and network with like-minded businesses including potential new customers and suppliers.

Share your expertise and advice with other members through forum and discussion areas.

Learn hints and tips from other members and Sage to help you when using your Sage products and gain access to expert articles[/slide]



The New Pensions Module Add-On

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[slide name=”Automatically assess your workforce”]

Assess your entire workforce against Automatic Enrolment legislation according to UK worker status, age and earnings for each pay reference period at the click of a button.

Automatically put your workforce into the correct category; Eligible Jobholder, non-eligible jobholder or Entitled worker and automatically enrol all your eligible jobholders into the correct qualifying pensions scheme

Easily manage postponements where necessary and according to the rules you set up; such as to manage probation periods or where the employee may have an earnings spike

Quickly manage opt-in’s and opt-outs as they’re received from your pension’s provider and add any additional easily to the list.[/slide]

[slide name=”Automatically Manage Pensions Data and Payments”]

Automatically create your data file in the correct format to be sent to your pension provider

Complete your Pensions Provider payments easily with the correct files automatically created detailing the right payment information to the right Pensions Provider

Keep a record of all your data and payments submissions showing when they were made, by who and store your receipt from the pension provider. Queue all of your pending submissions and The Pensions Module will tell you when they need to be sent.[/slide]

[slide name=”Automatically Communicate with Your Employees”]

Automatically create the right, individually addressed, communication for your employee as defined by the Pensions Regulator for each eventuality

Automatically prepare the email or print the communication ready to send. All your communications are prepared and ready, and The Pensions Module will tell you when they need to be sent and record when you’ve sent them. The Pensions Module will even attach a copy to your employee’s record to keep your audit trails up to date[/slide]