Sage 50c Accounts – Now Released

The official release of Sage 50c Accounts was the 23rd January and in our previous post BlueMoon Solutions gave a preview of the new added Cloud features available due to the interface with Microsoft Office 365.

Whilst Sage 50c continues to provide the power and productivity of Sage 50 Accounts as the trusted desktop solution it now seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365.

Sage 50c Accounts – Core Product

The new 50c range continues to provide the core or base product that we all know but it’s now back to three tiers being Essentials, Standard and Professional all bringing additional functionality within the program such as order processing or Foreign Trading.

The New 50c Cloud Features

The new 50c range introduces interfacing with Microsoft Office 365 opening up some new and exciting cloud based features. Sage are already working on enhancements to the cloud-based features with the Office 365 interface opening up all sorts of opportunities which were previously limited.

Sage Intelligence

Sage Intelligence, using the power of Microsoft Office 365, provides a smart and interactive dashboard providing powerful financial insight into your business allowing you to make business decisions quicker with accessibility from anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Sage Capture

Sage Capture allows mobile workers to instantly take an image of their receipts and post them directly into Sage from their mobile.

Sage Contact

Sage Contact, again using he power of Microsoft Office 365, integrates into Outlook meaning users can instantly get insight of a customer’s account, such as account balance or credit limit without having to log into Sage.

Other Sage 50c Cloud Features

Another nice feature released with Sage 50c Accounts is the ability to automate backups to the Microsoft OneDrive, part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite and send an email notification. This was missing from previous versions but now addressed.

Sage already have plans for other Cloud features and enhancements such as direct bank feeds and business performance dashboards.

Subscription Based

The new Sage 50c Accounts is only available on a subscription basis with perpetual licensing now being phased out completely. Customers who currently pay monthly or annually for their Sage 50 Accounts cover can now take advantage of switching over to get the new features available as well as potential cost savings.

The monthly subscription billing is also now available through Sage Accredited Partners, such as BlueMoon Solutions, which allows partners to provide their own discounts and benefits which is just what BlueMoon is doing.

All-in-One License and Support Subscription

BlueMoon Solutions is now offering an all-in-one license and support subscription with our additional additional services bundled into the same monthly subscription. Some of our customers who have already made the switch are enjoying these additional benefits:-

  • Save money with our discounted monthly subscription based on Sage RRP
  • Keep up-to-date as we proactively manage their Sage upgrades and updates
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our annual Sage system health checks
  • Support and guidance when running year-end procedures
  • Annual house-keeping and data clean-up

Making the Switch

We make switching easy by taking care of it all for you. We are currently working through our list of customers whose Sage Cover is coming up for renewal and detailing how much they can save by switching to our all-in-one license and support subscription service.

If you have not received a direct email from us and know your Sage Cover is due for renewal then please send an email to and we’ll be in touch.

If you are a new customer looking to purchase Sage on an affordable discounted monthly subscription then please also email and we will be happy to discuss the options available to you….

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