Over the past month BlueMoon Solutions has seen a rise in
Spam Emails reaching customers mailboxes with “Zip File
Attachments”. We advise all our customers to be vigilant when
opening emails and email attachments as these could contain
phishing and other virus related exploits. Our general advice is If the email looks suspicious, even if it looks as though it is
from a trusted source, then delete it immediately from your “Inbox”
and then from your “Deleted Items”. An example of such emails being
received are as follows:- From “HMRC” HMRC will never send
notifications of a tax rebate by email or ask you to disclose
personal or payment information by email. Further advice from HMRC
can be found on their website <a
Emails appearing to be from Sage. It appears
that the sender of the email is @sage.co.uk. Sage have confirmed
that their emails are always from @sage.com and have advised to
delete any suspicious emails immediately <span
style=”text-decoration: underline;”>From “Banks” –
Banks will never send out emails advising you of an issue with your
bank or requesting you to confirm your details. You should delete
the emails immediately and if you have concerns you should call
your bank directly.