BlueMoon Solutions looks at the new features of Sage 50 Payroll and what benefits it could bring to you and your business.

Core Program Changes

The new Sage 50 Payroll has had some additional features added to it core functionality.

  • Variance and exception reporting allowing you to easily check for irregularities in your payroll
  • Easily make changes before completing your payroll
  • Calculation drill downs allowing you to quickly see how figures are calculated

Automated Payslip Module

Sage has teamed up with of the market leaders in the Online Self Service sector called Prolog Print Media the new Sage 50 Payroll brings in a added module for automated payslips

  • Get payslips printed and posted automatically
  • Choose to allow your employees to collect their payslips online
  • Easy step by step guides to set up automated payslips built into the program

NHS Pensions Module

The new Sage 50 Payroll now incorporates NHS Tiered pensions within the Pensions Module add-on which work differently to standard pensions

  • Assign pensions to easily based on their job types
  • Totally compliant with legislation governing NHS Pensions
  • Ability to assess, maintain and re-assess pension tiers for employees automatically
  • Built in guides and wizards to help setup and maintain NHS Pensions
  • Compliant with monthly NHS Reporting