Pensions Regulator LogoAt the beginning of October 2012 the new pension reforms took hold in the form of the Pension Automatic Enrolment starting with the biggest businesses and working its way down to the smaller businesses over the following 6 years.

Within this same period there was a big sales push by Sage for their new Sage 50 Payroll and Pensions Module. Now approaching the middle of 2015 the push is not so heavy but the Pensions Automatic Enrolment train is still running and now gathering speed as it now starts to approach the stations for the smaller businesses.

Our own Pension Automatic Enrolment date is set for the 1st November 2016 but with the advice from different bodies to “Start preparation one year before your actual enrolment date” its now time to start raising the subject higher up the priority list.

Many of the small to medium sized businesses we provide IT Support for in the Northamptonshire area will likely be in the same position and there is no better time to start looking at Sage 50 Payroll and in particular the Pensions Module Add-On.

Customers who signed up to the new Sage 50 Payroll Pensions Module have spoke highly of its assessment tools prior to their enrolment date allowing them to categorise their employees as well as producing the required legal communications to them.

With Sage offering Sage 50 Payroll with the Pensions Module on a low monthly cost with access to their specialist Payroll support line Sage 50 Payroll really can help your business to board that train.