BlueMoon Solutions looks at the new features of Sage 50 Accounts 2015 and what benefits it could bring to you and your business.

New Refreshed User Interface

The new look and feel of the New Sage 50 Accounts software has been designed to make it simpler to use and navigate throughout the software.

  • One click access to any ledger
  • One way to access key tasks and activities
  • Now includes the ability to use Windows shortcuts and Windows style selection
  • More customisable allowing you to select the tools you need

Data Security and Backup

Sage have now incorporated an automated backup feature which allows you to configure automated backups without the need to log all users out of the system.

  • Schedule backups hourly, daily, monthly
  • Automatic Check Data before backing up
  • No need to log user out of Sage

Hide Inactive Customer, Supplier and Product Records

A long time coming but now the New Sage 50 Accounts has the ability to “Hide” old or unused customer, supplier and product records which can now be deleted due to them holding transactions.

  • Easy to select a record as inactive
  • Live or Active records become easier to maintain

Performance and Scalability Increases

The New Sage 50 Accounts 2015 has been tested extensively prior to the release for performance and scalability

  • Testing carried out with up to 1.5 million transactions
  • Scalable up to 20 concurrent users

Simplified Access Rights

The access rights module has now been refreshed within the New Sage 50 Accounts 2015 making it easier to set specific access rights based on a user’s role

  • Simplified module to set rights to users
  • Quickly adjust access rights if users role changes

Sage One Drive and Mobile Applications

The big change in the New Sage 50 Accounts 2015 is the introduction of Sage One Drive. This provides the ability to connect with your Accountant or integrate with Sage Mobile Applications such as Sage 50 Accounts Tracker or Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Sales.

  • Data now at your finger-tips while on the move
  • Quickly and easily generate quotations or invoices while mobile
  • Maintain control over your business while out of the office